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Figma Q&A

To use a link to the Figma prototype, ensure the following steps are completed:

  1. Set the share link to “Anyone with link.”
  2. Configure the prototype link to “Anyone with link.”
  3. Add Preely as a team member by inviting them via email at See

Share: Anyone with link

Open Share in Figma. Ensure that your link is set to ‘Anyone with link’ can view.

Prototype: Anyone with link

Copy link to your prototype in Figma. Ensure that your prototype link is set to ‘Anyone with link’ can view.

Prototype in Figma

Share link


There are a few features that we’re still fine-tuning and will be rolling out in the near future

Transitions within Overlays and Drop-Downs:
While not included in the current version, rest assured that transitions inside overlays and drop-downs are on our radar and will be making their debut soon.

Interactions in Analytics:
As you dive into testing your Figma prototypes with Preely, keep in mind that certain interactions are currently displayed as clicks in Preely Analytics. These interactions include double-clicks, swipes, and long presses.

Update june. 2024

Figma browser support
Users have to follow Figma’s rules.
safari 14.1 or above is needed.