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Participants  management

We take care of hosting your user panel and have invested in the infrastructure and security needed to handle your panelists’ sensitive data with utmost care.

Delete User from Panel

You can delete a user from your panel. When a user is deleted from the panel, the user’s data is removed.

User Data

If a user needs to access their data, you can retrieve the data under ‘Panelists’. You can then download the data in CSV format and share it with the user.

Unsubscribe from Panel

A person who signs up for your panel has the option to unsubscribe from the panel themselves through a link in the emails you send from Preely.

What happens when all panelist seats gets filled?

Users can still sign up. You will (as an account owner) see a notification indicating that you have additional panelists available to unlock. You can either upgrade or remove panelists from the list.