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Q: What can I test?
A: You can test ideas, concepts and digital prototypes – from drawings made on a napkin or white board to interactive prototypes made in Adobe XD, Figma, InVision Cloud and Sketch.

Q: What can I measure?
A: You can measure most usability and UX metrics both performance metrics and self-reported metrics, see here.

Q: Can I use Preely for moderated tests?
A: Yes. Many of our customers use Preely for moderated tests. They run the test via their preferred online meeting tool and use Preely for running the test and tracking performance metrics.

Q: Can I use Preely for tests of physical products?
A: You can. However, this is a field we do not have much knowledge about yet. We are running a research study together with Lego and Aalborg University to understand what’s needed for this.

Q: Can I run tests on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone?
A: Yes, we support all three.

Q: Which prototyping tools do you integrate with?
A: We integrate with Adobe XD, Figma and Sketch via plugins, and InVision Cloud via link.

Q: Can I import artboards after I have set up my tasks and questions?
A: Yes, no worries.

Q: Can I build a prototype in Preely?
A: Yes, you can build an interactive prototype in Preely via picture upload, grabbing a URL or importing artboards from Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, or InVision Cloud.

Q: Can I test working code?
A: You can if you are testing websites. For apps, embedded software, etc. it’s unfortunately not possible.

Q: Can I create flows depending on participant’s answers in the test?
A: Not yet, but it’ll be supported medio 2021.


Q: Can I subscribe on a monthly basis?
A: Yes, you can choose either monthly or annual subscription.

Test panel:

Q: Can I recruit test participants via Preely?
A: Yes, we have access to test participants. We segment on basic demographics (age, location, gender…)

Q: Can I recruit testers directly to my test panel?
A: Yes, you just need to have either Pro, Team or Enterprise subscription.

Preely app:

Q: Is downloading a test app a show stopper for the test participants?
A: Sometimes it is. We are solving this by introducing a progressive web app ultimo 2020.

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