Stay connected with your users

Recruit users conveniently to build your own panel and involve them as you need them: Share links, recruit for tests, send emails, and much more.

✔ Smart recruitment
✔ Setup a remote user test and get feedback
✔ Secure and GDPR compliant

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Endless user access

Involve your users any time as you need them

Specific segments

Form user segments based on any criteria

Agile working

Involve people across time and place

Brand visibility

Customise to align with your brand identity

Apply governance

Set participation limits to avoid respondent fatigue

GDPR compliant

Data privacy and security handled appropriately

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Recruit your customers and users via unique custom landing pages in Preely.
Create a customized recruitment page with your brand. Add recruitment questions based on any criteria to form user segments later on.

Getting started is easy, and you will be surprised by how many options you have.

Share the link to your landing pages via:

✔️ Social media channels
✔️ Company website
✔️ Newsletter


One of our most appreciated functionalities is the ability to ask recruitment questions to build knowledge on each user used for segmentation. Ask your panelists any questions and use their answers to segmentation in your user panel when sharing mails or tests.

Filter based on what tests users have previously completed. Filter on how recent the users have been contacted. Filter on how many tests the users must previously have completed for you. Filter on country, age, gender, zip, tags, member data and a lot more...

✔️ Create you own filters
✔️ Create you own questions

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You get access to the Preely feedback tool. It is a self-service tool for remote user testing. Prototype testing on smartphone, tablet and desktop.

You can test ideas, concepts, and digital prototypes – from drawings made on a napkin or white board to interactive prototypes made in Adobe XD, Figma, InVision Cloud or Sketch directly in Preely.

If you do not have a preferred prototyping tool, you can upload pictures of the prototype to Preely and make it interactive and navigable using Link, Preely forms, and transitions.

✔️ Create your test
✔️ Share your test
✔️ Get analytics and data


We automatically enrich the user panel with the latest data so that it is constantly updated. Build knowledge on each user used for segmentation.

You can to add information to your user panel over time and be able to segment on more parameters than the ones added when you created your recruitment page. Enrich your panel via recruitment questions added over time when you send out a Preely test or -survey.

✔️ Ask more questions over time
✔️ Enrich with tags
✔️ Enrich with results

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See how TV 2 and YouSee recruit customers

User involvement

Activate your panel for remote involvement. With Preely you have full access to a reliable user panel recruited by you.

In person online interviews

Send invitations to online interviews via Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and more.

Share links to surveys

Send invitations to surveys on platforms such as SurveyMonkey, Typeform or Google Forms.

Share Preely test

Send invitations to paticipate in a test via Preely feedback module.

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