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User panel

One of the most valuable and appreciated services offered by Preely is the ability to build a user panel.  A user panel is a group of panelists who opts in to participating in your user tests again and again. This means that once you’ve built your user panel you have a reliable source of user feedback for every test you make.


Our user panel service is fully GDPR compliant and the service lives up to all legal requirements. We take care of hosting your test panel and have invested in the infrastructure and security needed to handle your panelists’ sensitive data with utmost care.


Once your panelists opt in you have full access to inviting them to test. Having a group of panelists that represent your end-users makes it easier and faster to conduct UX and usability tests with high validity.

Panelist profile

The panelist profile is always updated with the latest data. 

Start building your panel now

There are two main ways to recruit users to your panel. You can either share a recruitment link or send out an invitation to users who participate in a test you’ve made.

Learn more about how to get started in this blog post.

What about data?

Don’t worry. You are the only one with access to your data. You have full freedom and full control of the data you collect using Preely.