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Pilot test

Pilot testing is a great way to find out if your test if everything works as it is supposed to. Are interactions working as intended? Does everything look right across devices? You can also double check if you are testing the right variables.

Try your own test in a safe space

In Preely you have the opportunity to send a pilot test while you work on your test. This is a very useful way to preview your test and see if everything looks and works as intended.

A pilot test is your safe playground. Only the people you specify as recipients of your pilot test can see your pilot test. So you can safely experiment with different approaches and setups to find out what works best seen from your participants’ perspective.

The pilot test function is found under ‘Share test’ in each test you have created in Preely.

Get your pilot test results and filter them out as needed

The beautiful thing about pilot testing is that you can play around with things as you develop your test without any consequences. We actually recommend that you set up several pilot tests throughout the test creation process. In addition to giving you the ability to experience the test from your participants’ point of view, you also get to see results roll into the Analytics section.

Check the results that come in your pilot tests. Are they useful in answering the questions you had in mind? Are the metrics meaningful to form the conclusions you need to make decisions?

All results that come in are clearly labeled “pilot test”, and you can easily filter pilot test results out when needed.

You choose your pilot test participants

You have full control over who gets to try out your test. It can be you, your colleagues, or anyone else you would like to take your pilot test. It is totally up to you. When participants receive a pilot test invitation we make sure they are informed that the test is indeed a pilot test, and not a final user test. So no need to worry about them getting this information!

We hope that you will give the pilot test function a try and see how it works for you. You can experiment at ease and watch the results come in. If you have any questions about pilot testing, feel free to reach out to us. When you are ready to send out your real user test, please read out articles about Share test via link, Share test via user panel, and Hired participants.