Academy menu


This gives a very good indicator of the participants’ mental models of your prototype and how they expect the navigation to be (together with paths). It also gives great insight into the wording of menu and button labelling and whether it works or not. Furthermore, you can see scrolls and swipes giving you an indication of how the participants have (or want to) interact with your product.

You can see actions as All actions, First action or Last action, together with the information on how the participants have interacted first time, second time, etc. they have visited the screen.

Screen statistics:

  • Avg. time to first action: Indicates how big the participants’ cognitive strain have been
  • Total visits compared to Unique visits: When the total number of visits is high compared to unique visits, this indicates confusion by showing that participants search for a long time or start over several times
  • Avg. time on screen is a good indicator for how difficult the task is
  • Hotspot hit ratio: You want this number to be high. If it’s low it shows that your participants struggle to find their way around your prototype due to e.g. labeling of menus and buttons
  • Top 3 next screens: Great source to learn where your participants search for relevant information

Note: You can click on the different Link spots and see how many have click in that specific area.