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Adobe XD plugin

Selectively export any artboard or flow you want from Adobe XD and use it in your Preely test.

Step 1

Install the Preely plugin (v. 1.1.4) directly in Adobe XD or via the link below.
Download Preely plugin for Adobe XD

Step 2

Log in to Preely via the plugin.

Step 3

Link Adobe XD to your Preely test.

Adobe XD Preely Plugin

Step 4

Select the flows or artboards you want to use for your test and click Export to export them to Preely.

Adobe XD Preely Plugin

The Preely plugin for Adobe XD supports

  • Trigger: Tap, time, drag (translated to swipe)
  • Transitions: Previous artboard, auto animate (depends on the layers being animated, sometimes it’s good), preserve scroll position
  • Animations: Slide left, slide right, slight up, slight down, push left, push right, push up, push down – all with simple animation easing

The plugin does not yet support

  • Trigger: Keys & Gamepad, voice
  • Transitions: Overlay, scroll to, audio playback, speech playback
  • Animation: animation selective easing and duration
  • Component state, scrollable areas


Our current plugin supports the export of whole prototypes and individual artboards. It does not yet support a combination of the two, hence it is not yet possible to export a prototype and afterward e.g. change just one artboard. Here you will need to export the whole prototype. Remember to set the end-points again.