Confidentiality and security test participant

NDA (non-disclosure agreement) as a Tester with a Preely profile

When you as a test participant set up a test participant profile via (the ‘Preely Platform’) and Preely by TestLab ApS, you enter into the following non-disclosure agreement concerning confidential information (the ‘Information’) that you as a test participant person have or will receive from Preely by TestLab ApS.The Information is given in the form of subsequent documents, prototypes etc.

You agree as a test participant to share your test results and your personal data with those who invite to participate in the completion of the test.

You undertake to ensure that the information remains inaccessible to unauthorized persons and that there is no risk that unauthorized persons might become aware of it.

You are not entitled to use the Information in any way other than for the intended purpose. Preely by TestLab ApS is entitled, at any time, to obtain details on how you are protecting the Information from unauthorized access.

You undertake to not disclose the Information to any collaboration partner or employee etc., except to the extent this is clearly necessary or reasonable under the given conditions. Before you disclose the information to others in such cases, they must be instructed on its confidentiality and must sign a non-disclosure agreement.

You must obtain Preely by TestLab ApS’s prior written consent before the Information may be wholly or partly disclosed to any party other than those referred to above. You are not permitted to copy the Information.

You are liable to pay damages to Preely by TestLab ApS for any losses resulting from a breach of this agreement. You are also liable in damages for any breach of the agreement by a third party to whom you have wholly or partly disclosed the Information.
Any dispute regarding this agreement must be heard by the ordinary courts of law in the inventor’s home country and in accordance with that country’s laws.

Leave the user panel

Should you change your mind, you can always leave the user panel. To leave the panel, simply click “Unsubscribe from this panel” in the invitation email or use the “Leave panel” link in the sign-up email.

When you unsubscribe, your personal data is deleted automatically, and will no longer appear as part of test results nor in the user panel.