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Intelligent platform for building user panels and gathering feedback through surveys, interviews, and prototype tests.

✔ Continuous product discovery
✔ Make informed decisions
✔ Iterate faster

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Making user access and user involvement faster, better, cheaper and more dependable 🧡

We believe that user involvement is the key to making great products with amazing user experiences and high usability.

Get remote feedback from your users

Setup a remote user test in minutes and get fast learnings about your users’ experience with your digital product. Access a mulititude of amazing data to make informed decisions from.

✔️ Uncover user flows and interactions
✔️ Get answers to your questions
✔️ Test ideas and hypotheses

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Recruit users to build your own user panel

Invite people of your choosing to join your panel. Ask them questions based on your needs and criteria. When they opt in they become part of your panel and you can interact with them. Involve them as segments or as a whole, as you need them.

✔️ Smart recruitment and user registration
✔️ Segment users based on any criteria
✔️ Secure and GDPR compliant

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Danske Spil turbo-charged their product development process and saved millions

Danske Spil´s UX team showed an entire organization the value of user involvement with Preely’s platform, and created a 46% increase in turnover, 76% decrease in churn rate and 800,000 monthly transactions in the Lotto app.

The benefits as YouSee and TV2 se them

Work with confidence

You have full ownership of your data.

Hosting in EU
GDPR compliant
Disaster recovery

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