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You can create all the workspaces you need. No limitations.


Rights for owner of workspaces

When you create a workspace you become the owner. You get full editing rights. You can e.g. invite stakeholders to a specific workspace to see test results and in another workspace, you can give specific customers access.

Deleting a Workspace

Owners can delete workspaces.


Archiving a Workspace

Archiving a workspace will make it hidden in workspace selection dropdowns. It can only be navigated to by using the full list of workspaces in the user’s account.

Inviting collaborators

By default, the owner has to invite any collaborators. Collaborators will be emailed to join the workspace. If the users are already connected in other workspaces, the invitation should be instant and the recieving user does not have to accept the invitation.

For each invited collaborator the workspace owner can:

  • Allow user to add other users
  • Allow user to send out tests

If other users can invite users to the workspace, the users can also manage rights, but only up to their own level. The workspace owner cannot have the rights changed by any of the other users, and cannot downgrade own rights.

Read only

A workspace can have read-only users that are able to browse Prototypes and see test results but cannot edit anything or send out any tests.