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Enterprise account

Within an Enterprise account, there are two distinct seat categories: the Admin seat and the Member seats (also known as Work seats). Both categories have the capability to establish workspaces, perform tests, and utilize the panel.

Every Enterprise account comes with one Admin seat and an unlimited potential for Member seats (Work seats), without a predefined maximum. Additionally, an Enterprise account features a single user panel designed to accommodate an unlimited number of panelists.

The Admin seat, serving as the administrator, has the authority to add members (Work seats) to the account. The Admin level encompasses various functions:

Adding members to the account.
Managing user panel governance.
Granting sub-panel access.
Implementing privacy policies.
Adjusting account settings.
Establishing sender identity.
Managing subscriptions.
Enforcing two-factor authentication.
Handling non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
SSO setup (contact Preely support)

Enterprise accounts

Members, also referred to as work seats, can be part of multiple Enterprise accounts. As a member, you gain access to the user panel associated with the specific Enterprise accounts you are a part of.