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July 2021: Test first approach

We are introducing a ‘test first’-approach and have therefore made some changes to the platform.

  • Moved the prototyping tool
  • Moved the test tab
  • Added option to create tests without tasks
  • Added option to create tests without prototypes

Moved the prototyping tool
As a part of our ‘Test First’-approach we have moved the prototyping tool. It’s still on the platform and it is now located in the left side menu. You can also access it when you create a task.


If you need help to find out how to include your prototype in the task, you can read more here. If you want more information on how to create a prototype in Preely, you can read more here.

Moved the test tab
To create as much working space as possible for you we have moved the test tab to the left side of the screen

Create test without tasks or prototype
You can now create tests without tasks. So if you want to conduct a test only with questions you can do that.