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Figma prototype via link

Step 1

Copy link to your prototype in Figma. Ensure that your prototype link is set to ‘Anyone with link’ can view.

Prototype in Figma

Share link

Open link Figma

Step 2

Add a task and connect prototype.

Connect prototype

Choose device

Add Figma prototype link.

Inser link

Add endpoint

Currently, the ability to set endpoints (as can be done with the plugin) is not yet integrated into the solution. But don’t worry – we’ve got a workaround for you. Simply add an extra frame at the end of your prototype, and you’ll find that everything works just as smoothly. Update April. 2024

Endpoint link

Important: Set prototype device and starting point . See Figma


There are a few features that we’re still fine-tuning and will be rolling out in the near future

Transitions within Overlays and Drop-Downs:
While not included in the current version, rest assured that transitions inside overlays and drop-downs are on our radar and will be making their debut soon.

Interactions in Analytics:
As you dive into testing your Figma prototypes with Preely, keep in mind that certain interactions are currently displayed as clicks in Preely Analytics. These interactions include double-clicks, swipes, and long presses.

Update April. 2024

Figma browser support
Users have to follow Figma’s rules.
safari 14.1 or above is needed.