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Test: First-click test

Using this information, you can start improving user flows and positioning of navigation items to create a smooth and intuitive experience for your users.

Step-by-step guide to setting up a test with Preely

From the start screen click “Create test”. Choose device.

1. Welcome your participants
We have written a short welcome to your participants. If you want to change it, just write your own personal welcome.

Welcome text

2. Add tasks and questions
This is where you truly set up your test. Click ‘Insert element’ and create different tasks and ask your participants questions.

Insert task or question

2.1 Tasks
When you want your participants to perform a task in your test, you add a task to your test. You write an introduction and then you formulate the task. Try to break down your tasks into small chunks.

Task or question

Create task

2.2 Add prototype
Click Add prototype and upload your design(s), screenshot, Adobe XD-, Figma- or Sketch artboards, or via InVision Cloud link.

Add prototype

Remember to set an end screen on your tasks. This can either be a:

‘Endpoint’: This means that your participants should click on this certain spot in your prototype to end the task
‘Timer’: This means that you set a timer on the last screen in your test and after a set amount of time, the task is ended

Add endscreen



2.2 Questions
When you want to ask your participant questions in your test, you add questions to your test.

Task or question

Question menu

Step 4. Analysis

The action section highlight all clicks and swipes on the different screens. It also gives you the opportunity to filter between clicks: first, last, and all.

AnalyticsThis gives you a good identification of how easy it was for your users to find the hotspots, and how many attempts it took them.