In a five second test, the test participant is shown a screenshot for precisely five seconds and afterward is asked to answer questions about the design.

You can run the test on websites, apps, software or any other digital product with a user interface.

With a five second test, you can identify:

  • How does your UI design communicate your message?
  • How easy is the offering or purpose of the product identified?
  • Are your navigational items and essential features standing out?
  • What is the overall impression of your design?

Step-by-step guide to setting up a 5-second test with Preely

Step 1.
From the start screen, click “create test,” choose a native device to test on, and upload the screenshot, wireframe, mockups or other images you intend to test on.

Step 2
Click add task, fill out task-related questions in step 1-2, and choose the type of feedback you would like.

Step 3
In step 3, choose trigger type: timer, and set the timer for 5 seconds (can be adjusted for your needs).

The timer will be added to your test, and you can now share via URL

Five second test feedback types

Free text response
Ask the user to write a free text response to your question and get raw, unfiltered feedback for you to learn from.

Multiple Choice
Get specific and set up a multiple choice to learn if users noticed or didn't notice exactly what you need them to.

Need to get a simple thumbs up or thumbs down to go to next iteration? Ask users to rate your design on a scale of 1-10.

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