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Create a question-based test

You can create a question-based test without a prototype. We have made it quite simple, you just need to go through five steps and then you are ready to share your test with participants. When creating the test, you write in all the things you would normally say and ask your participants during a moderated test.

Step-by-step guide to create a question-based test

Click “Create test” and choose device.

1. Welcome your participants
We have written a short welcome to your participants. If you want to change it, just write your own personal welcome.

2. Add questions
This is where you truly set up your test. Click ‘Insert element’, add question, and ask your participants different types of questions. We support multiple types of questions – from Likert scales and multiple choice to NPS or open-ended questions. The list continues to grow.

You can set all questions to be optional and you have the opportunity of including a follow-up question.

3. Demographic data
Here you can toggle between asking for demographic data or not. Demographic data includes Gender, age, zip code, and country.

4. Test completed
Then you’re at the end and you want to thank your participants for participating. We have written a short thank you note. If you want to change it, just write your own personal thank you.

… and then you are good to go!