Create your first test in minutes. Collect data to analyze if your users can find what they are looking for and if they can navigate your website, app or other digital products.

Step by step guide

Creating a test with Preely is fast, straightforward, and only requires a few steps:

Step 1.
From the start screen, click “create test,” choose a native device to test on, and upload the screenshot, import a InVision protototype, or other sync with, Figma, Adobe or your Sketch project.

Step 2.
Click NEW TASK, fill out task-related questions in step 1-2, and choose the type of feedback you would like.

Step 3.
Choose the end screen and then choose hotspot trigger. And a green hotspot is automatically added to your screen. Clicking the hotspot will terminate the test and ask the test participant for feedback.

Step 4.
Share your test via URL.

Test data and feedback analysis

See where users click first (and last) Tracks the first click of every user in a visual click- and heatmaps and will allow you to identify issues and opportunities quickly. You can also create your test to record all clicks until the user hits your intended area.

Time to first click Measure the time it takes for a user to make the first click. If it takes the user a while before clicking, there might be a problem with the positioning of your navigational items.

Feedback and rating Ask the user to rate your task from 1-10, on the NPS score, with multiple choice, and ask for additional written feedback to go with their rating.

Next up: Sync design with Figma integration

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