Hybrid user testing & research processes

Hybrid user testing & research processes

The talk

In this meetup, Sif la Cour, UX Lead at ZeroNorth, will share her experiences with hybrid user testing and how you sometimes need to bend the textbook rules while testing. Sif will also share her experiences with bending the textbook rules for user testing, and try to answer the questions: How do you build products that people love? And how do you know which user needs to solve.

Key takeaways

    • Just getting started? Cheatsheet on a process for early user involvement
    • How much research is enough? About being true to your responsibility as a UX Designer while being pragmatic
    • How to enable yourself to be more present in your moderated user testing session – and get more out of it

Slides from presentation

Sif la Cour: presentation

Watch or rewatch our event from April 21st, 2022

About Sif la Cour

Sif is UX Lead at ZeroNorth, a company set out to make global trade green. She specializes in UX research and design thinking. She is passionate about ethics in the UX design process and is serious about representing the user in everything she does. She has experience from companies such as Maersk Tankers, Nuuday and Kraftvaerk and holds a cand.it in Digital Innovation & Management from the IT University of Copenhagen.

About Tina Øvad

Tina has extensive experience in usability, UX, and test design. In addition to being our CXO, she is External Lecturer at Aarhus University within UX, usability, and human factors. She has worked with UX strategy and -processes, product management, and agile transformation in various organizations like Radiometer, Nykredit, and Bang & Olufsen. She has taught and supervised within UX, agile UX, etc. at the IT University of Copenhagen and Aalborg University. Tina has a background in Engineering Psychology and holds a PhD in Information Systems with a focus on agile UX.