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September 2018

"Using personas for user stories - the secret to integrating user research into agile development cycles"

with Ph.D Lene Nielsen, Associate Professor, Copenhagen IT University

  • How do you integrate UX into agile development cycles? Learn what happen with user stories when you use personas, what works, what doesn’t work, and discuss if this could be a way of integrating user research into sprints

May 2018

"Design Thinking and Co-creating with Customers"

with Christine Loft Hunderup, Chief Digital Officer, Nordea Liv & Pension

  • On Preely UX Meetup #12 to Chief Digital Officer, Christine Loft Hunderup, talked about her experience with setting up and leading a digital transformation unit in Nordea Liv & Pension. Close to a 100 industry professionals had the pleasure of learning more about design sprint, co-creation, and how to implement an agile and fail-fast approach in a well-established company culture. In this article you can read a full resume of her presentation, access her slides, and watch the full talk 1080pHD video.

April 2018

"Client, do you actually want UX?"

with Maria Køhnke, Senior UX designer & strategist, freelance

  • Preely UX Meetup #11 was a huge success! About 50 UXers listened to Maria Køhnke´s awesome speech about the challenges faced by UX, how to overcome them and create better user experiences. The speech was centered about a case from the Danish public sector.
    Did you miss the Meetup? Watch the video of the full speech and read our debrief

March 2018

"Sketching and the new Mobilepay"

with Emilie Møllenbach, Product Design Lead, MobilePay Nordic

  • På Preely UX Meetup torsdag den 1. marts kunne du høre Emilie Møllenbach fra MobilePay fortælle om, hvordan sketching blev brugt i udviklingen af deres nye interface. Emilies foredrag handlede primært om sketching og MobilePay, men hun bevægede sig også over i typiske organisatoriske udfordringer man som UX’er el. lign dagligt kæmper med

UX Meetup February 2nd 2018

  • At our 9th UX Meetup Anders Toxboe, Head of Digital Development at DR, will be back telling about how to create safe-to-fail experiments that can help you validate your (a bit too) critical assumptions early and often in the process – without major costs.

UX Meetup December 4th 2017

  • At our 8th UX Meetup Martin Ibsen from design-people did a very interesting talk on how the real meaning of UX is diluted and in many cases forgotten. And in addition to this, why it’s important to involve real human beings in this process.

UX Meetup November 2nd 2017

  • The 7th UX Meetup was in coorporation with the digital agency Impact. Jeppe Henckel did a fantastic speak about how too much focus on design can hurt a process or company.

UX Meetup October 5th 2017

  • At our 6th UX Meetup Anne-Kathrine Christensen from Specifii gave a great talk on innovative UX and behavior change with knowledge from rhetoric, neuroscience and psychology.

UX Meetup September 5th 2017

  • On our 5th UX Meetup we invited Tina Øvad, Senior UX & Usability Lead at B&O. She told about integrating agile development, usability, and UX in a larger company as a part of an agile transformation.

UX Meetup May 9th 2017

  • On our fourth UX Meetup we invited Anders Toxboe, Head of Digital Development i DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), to come and talk about how to use psycology to design egaging digital experiences for the user to take action. Anders developed The Persuasive Patterns Card Deck – a method to help this.

UX Meetup April 6th 2017

  • On our third UX Meetup we invited Ingrid Haug, UX Designer at Usable Machine and co-organizer of Design Matters. She told about what is happening within UX and digital design these days – and which trends to keep an eye on. And what does this mean for your website and app.

UX Meetup March 2nd 2017

  • On our second UX Meetup we invited Frederik Bundgaard, Managing Partner at UX mentor, to come and tell about his experiences with getting people on an executive level to understand the value of UX. Frederik holds a Ph.D. in nanotechnology and he has many years of experience with product development and user experience at e.g. Radiometer.

UX Meetup February 2nd 2017

  • On our very first UX Meetup we invited UX Expert & Advisor, Lena Egede, to come and tell about her refreshing approach to user testing – the newborn method of Bastard User Testing.

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