How to build and work with a user panel

The talk User research is at the core of creating great products that meet users’ needs. But before you can get your hands on those fantastic qualitative insights you need to figure out how to recruit users. Building a user panel is an incredibly valuable way to solve this challenge. It is much easier to […]

Design Thinking, Thinking like a Designer – Dennis Boyle, Partner IDEO Palo Alto

The talk Dennis will give a talk entitled “Design Thinking, Thinking like a Designer and What Designers Need to Do!” He will draw from his 40 years of experience as a design and innovation professional and a teacher in the medical product and service design field. He will use case studies and stories to help […]

UX and Strategic Design Thinking at Ørsted

The talk Ørsted is a market leader in the renewable energy space with a vast portfolio of wind farms, solar farms, and other networked technologies driving the green transition worldwide. In this talk, Michael explains how the team got started, how we work with two focus areas – UX and Strategic Design Thinking, linked together […]

Lean UX Canvas – Jeff Gothelf

We are very happy to welcome Jeff Gothelf, co-author of the award-winning book Lean UX as speaker at our next UX meetup. The talk: Lean UX Canvas Over the past 5 years the Lean UX canvas has played a pivotal role in properly implementing the ideas of Lean UX. With the launch of the 3rd […]

What the hell is UX Strategy?!-Jaime Levy

We are very happy to welcome Jaime Levy, product strategist, best-selling author, professor, and public speaker based in Los Angeles and Berlin as speaker at our next UX meetup. The talk: What the hell is UX Strategy?! User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. This talk delves into […]

Product Development and User Insights – Jens Poder, Peytz

We are very happy to welcome Jens Poder, Partner and Director of Innovation at the danish digital agency Peytz as speaker at our next UX meetup. The talk Digital Product Development is an area where businesses often are struggling. In his talk, Jens will focus on how to organize and execute user involvement in the […]

Customer Empowered Business – Thomas Visby Snitker, Lego

We are very happy to welcome Thomas Visby Snitker as speaker at our next UX meetup. Thomas has extensive experience within usability, UX, and user research from various organizations, and has for the past seven years managed Lego’s research group. With more than 2,000 user research sessions per year, he knows what he is talking […]

Creating Design Systems in Figma

We have invited one of the best designers we know. Alfred Nerstu is the designer behind the Bang & Olufsen app design system, which made it possible to bring 60+ different products into the app at once. Alfred will give tips, tricks, and best practices for creating and using design systems in Figma. Watch or […]

Preely Master Class – Tina Øvad

No matter if you know Preely or not, let us take you on this tour of our platform and show you how to set up a test, how to share it, which metrics we collect and how to analyze it. For those of you who do not know Preely Preely is a self-service platform for […]

Scaling Design Practice – Olivia Thomassen Harre

Design capabilities are often described as desirable in connection to innovating new or existing services, however, achieving design integration in practice can be challenging. In this talk, Olivia will introduce her perspective on scaling design practice from her PhD project focusing on how service design practice can support a transition towards services. – and this […]

Level up your user experiences with Preely and Adobe XD

Are you struggling with time and resources for designing prototypes and conducting user tests? Do you want an easy process going from prototype to user testing? Do you want to make informed decisions with input from real people? Watch or rewatch our event from March 18th, 2021 Host and speaker: Tina Øvad (Preely) and Lisa […]

Scaling Design Teams at A.P. Moller – Maersk

Watch or rewatch our event from January 28th, 2021 Kevin McCarthy, Design Community Lead at A.P. Moller – Maersk talks about “Scaling Design Teams” and share his experiences of moving the design capability in A.P. Moller – Maersk from a “one-man show” to a Design Community of Practice. Slides from presentation Kevin McCarthy presentation Download […]

UX & design in startups. Bjarke Daugaard- Heap

Watch or rewatch our event from January 14th, 2021. Bjarke shared his experiences working with UX and design in startups and touched upon some of the following questions: How do you work as a UX-team-of-one? How do you bring an idea all the way to a final (and useful) product? How do you prioritize a […]

Data-Driven Design in Practice. Simon McGilbray – Alm. Brand

Recorded video of Preely remote UX meetup Watch our recorded event from 23 September 2020 where Simon McGilbray talked about Alm. Brand’s approach to Data-Driven Design. He dives into Alm. Brand’s tool stack and show practical examples of how they combine quantitative and qualitative data to: Identify user pains Shape digital products Answer the difficult […]

Using personas for user stories. Lene Nielsen

120 attendees showed up to listen to Ph.D. Lene Nielsen talk about how to integrate user research into agile development cycles – an approach she calls “Using personas for user stories.”. The talk was based on Lenes cutting-edge research in personas as well as highly relevant real-life cases from across the globe. View the presentation: […]

Sketching and the new Mobilepay. Emilie Møllenbach

DK only På Preely UX Meetup torsdag den 1. marts kunne du høre Emilie Møllenbach fra MobilePay fortælle om, hvordan sketching blev brugt i udviklingen af deres nye interface. Emilies foredrag handlede primært om sketching og MobilePay, men hun bevægede sig også over i typiske organisatoriske udfordringer man som UX’er el. lign dagligt kæmper med. […]

Client, do you actually want UX? Maria Køhnke

On Preely UX Meetup on Thursday 5th April about 50 UXers and UX interested professionals had the pleasure of listening to Maria Køhnke talk about challenges faced by many UXers. She also gave her take on how UXers can get more elbow room to innovate and create great user experiences, without falling victim to the […]

Design thinking, co-creation. Christine Hunderup

We went from idea to app in 23 weeks – something previously unheard of in the banking industry where compliance is everything On Preely UX Meetup #12 to Chief Digital Officer, Christine Loft Hunderup, talked about her experience with setting up and leading a digital transformation unit in Nordea Liv & Pension. Close to a […]

Psychology to design. Anders Toxboe

On our fourth UX Meetup we invited Anders Toxboe, Head of Digital Development i DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), to come and talk about how to use Psychology to design engaging digital experiences for the user to take action. Anders developed The Persuasive Patterns Card Deck – a method to help this. DK ONLY

Agile development, usability, and UX. Tina Øvad

Integrating agile development, usability, and UX in a larger company as a part of an agile transformation On our 5th UX Meetup we invited Tina Øvad, Senior UX & Usability Lead at B&O. She told about integrating agile development, usability, and UX in a larger company as a part of an agile transformation. DK ONLY

Bastard User Testing. Lena Egede

On our very first UX Meetup we invited UX Expert & Advisor, Lena Egede, to come and tell about her refreshing approach to user testing – the newborn method of Bastard User Testing. DK ONLY