Usability and UX test types with Preely

Usability and UX test types with Preely

Preely supports most usability and UX test types. Create an account and try it out yourself – you can do it for free. In the following you can read more about the usability and UX test types Preely supports, and what you can use the collected data for.

Usability test – one of the most popular test types

Usability testing is a very popular test type. In a usability test, your participants complete different tasks while using your prototype. You always want to have the tasks should as realistic as possible and to be something that your end-users would be presented to if the product was launched.

Depending on the assumptions you are testing, the tasks can be very specific or very open. A specific task could be: You are visiting our website for the first time, you have some questions regarding our services and want to contact us – find our email address. An open task could be: One of your friends has sent you a link to a website, open the link and take a look around).

With a usability test you can identify:

  • Problems in your solution/product/service
  • Areas of improvements in your solution/product/service
  • Your participant’s mental models of your solution/product/service

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5-second test

This is the type of UX test that may give you the bests results with the less time invested from the test participants. With a five-second test, test participants are shown a design or screenshot for exactly five seconds and afterward asked to answer questions about the experience and design.

With five second test you can identify:

  • How your UI design communicates your message
  • How easy the offering or purpose of the product is identified
  • The overall impression of your design

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First-click test

A first-click test collects the first click of multiple test participants. This ux test type is used to analyze if your participants can find what they are looking for and if they can navigate your website, app, or other digital product.

This information enables you to start improving user flows and the positioning of navigation items. Do this to create a smooth and intuitive experience for your users.

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Browsability test

A browsability test will have your test participants browse around in your prototype for a certain amount of time. Afterward, you can ask them questions about the experience and the design of your prototype. This is a relatively open and explorative type of ux test.

With a browsability test you can identify:

  • What catches the participant’s attention
  • If your UI design communicates your message and brand promise
  • How easy the site is to navigate
  • The overall impression of your prototype

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Navigation test

Navigation tests are a great type of UX test if you want to know how participants navigate your prototype. In a navigation test, your participants are given a scenario to set the scene and then asked to complete different tasks in your prototype.

With a navigation test, you can:

  • Understand your participants’ mental models
  • Identify if your prototype is meeting your participants’ expectations about how it should work
  • Identify if icons and labels in menus or on buttons are easily understood
  • Investigate your prototype’s hierarchical structure and information architecture and get ideas for how to improve it
  • Identify your participants’ cognitive strain by how much reading, remembering, and decisions making required before archiving the overall goal

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Preference test

Preference tests can be used when you want participants to choose between design variations, or you want to hear which design your participants thinks communicates your message best, which design participants judges as most modern, etc. You just need to show them the design and afterward ask them.
Examples of questions a preference test can answer:

  • Which design they prefer
  • Which design that looks the most trustworthy
  • Which design that looks the most modern
  • Which design that looks the easiest to use
  • Etc.

Preely offers two ways of setting up a preference test, either: 1. Here you ask your participants to click on the design they prefer; 2. Here you show your design and afterward ask the questions you want to be answered.

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AB test type

This type of UX test is used to compare prototypes or products. When you want to test two (or more) versions of your design or prototype, you can conduct an AB test. An AB test could e.g. be on different layouts, placement of text, color, but also greater workflows, designs, etc.

Things to do before conducting the AB test:

  • Define which variables you are testing in your design (the difference between A and B)
  • Identify which metrics you want to focus on – is it performance metrics (which ones?) or self-reported metrics (which ones?)
  • Consider if you need a within- or between subject design for your test (see Within- & Between Subject)
  • For proper statistical analysis, you need to have at least 15 participants per version.

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Uncovered test types?

Let us know if you are missing any usability or UX test types on the platform.