Hybrid user testing

Hybrid user testing

I imagine that you already know about moderated user testing and maybe you have conducted your share of think-aloud sessions, and maybe you are aware of unmoderated user testing too?

If not, you can read more right here:  Remote testing – moderated vs. unmoderated.Hybrid user testing takes the best from both worlds and lets you have time for what truly matters during a user test session – creating empathy with your participant. You do not need to deal with the distractions of keeping track of time spent on the different tasks or counting errors. Further, you neither need to track where the participants are clicking in your prototype nor make the analysis afterward. All of this is taken care of in Preely, so you can use your time on moderating the test, encouraging your participant to think aloud, observing what is actually going on, and asking additional questions.

Some of the performance metrics collected in Preely.

A lot of people see Preely as a 100% unmoderated user testing platform. However, approximately 50% of our customers use the platform for moderated tests. During the pandemic, the majority of these moderated Preely tests were remote and conducted via communication platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Now the pandemic (luckily) is in retreat, Preely is still being used for moderated tests, even though the tests are often conducted in-person again. Using Preely is a great way to free up resources for collecting more qualitative data to understand why the prototype is performing as it is. Want to read more about qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods? Click right here.

When testing like this, we recommend conducting task-based tests. Here you set up different tasks for your participant to go through in order to test your prototype via real-life scenarios. This also leaves you with the opportunity to start tracking relevant metrics and maybe mapping them up against more overall KPIs in your organization. If you want to learn more about task-based testing with Preely, you can read more here. Want to know more about UX KPIs? Take a look here.

Need more inspiration?

Sif la Cour gave a great talk at one of our UX meetups about task-based and hybrid user testing, watch Sif explain how she works with hybrid user testing (four min. video)👇🏻

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