Dynamic input fields

Dynamic input fields

Use Preely Forms to simulate real experiences

In order to simulate real experiences, Preely Forms make it possible for your participants to type in real information into your prototype during tests. This enables you to track time on how long it actually takes to fill in a form, how frustrated your participants might be, and so on.

Upload your Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch or InVision Cloud prototype to Preely to enrich it with Preely Forms before you send it out for user testing. Or create your prototype directly in Preely and add the Preely Forms.

What type of input?

When adding Preely Form fields to your prototype, you can choose the type of information you wish your participants to type in, e.g.:

– Password
– Email
– Checkbox
– Number
– Multi line
– Single line

Validating input

If you want to validate the typed-in information, you can do so and we also provide you with the option of defining an error message to show your participants if they e.g. leave a mandatory input field blank, or if they do not type in the asked-for information.

When running the prototype on desktop, your participants use the keyboard to type in the information. On smartphones and tablets, the Preely Forms open the corresponding keyboard on the device (QWERTY, numeric, or symbolic) so real information can be typed in.

Data protection

To ensure the privacy of the data entered into the password input fields, we mask data for this type of input but keep the format for you to validate.

Show data in analytics

In analytics, you’ll be able to see what has been typed into the form fields, except for password input. If validation of the input field is set to required, we show the number of times a participant tries to click away from the page without specifying data in a specific input field.

Us being Preely

In addition to enriching your prototype with dynamic input fields, our platform completes your prototyping experience by giving you easy access to test your prototype, and get actionable results within no time, read more here .