Gut-feeling and making design decisions on fragile grounds

Gut-feeling and making design decisions on fragile grounds

Everything is moving fast today – extremely fast. You have to finish your education faster, companies need to be agile, and if you do not follow the latest trends, you’ll be behind in a split second.

However, limited resources of time and money make it difficult to live up to today’s demands of being agile, digitalized and ready for a continuously changing global environment.

The same holds true for the development of digital solutions – it must happen fast, or else something else will already have taken its place.

This is a challenge when it comes to securing usability and the user experience, before making the decision to go into the production phase.

As a result, many decisions end up being based on talent, experience, and a good portion of gut-feeling. In many instances, gut-feeling can very very helpful, however dynamic and changing markets does not always follow gut-feeling and vice versa.

The real danger here is that the decisions end up being based on the fragile grounds of a gut-feeling.

The antithesis to this danger is to include the end user. User testing takes it’s offset in concrete and quantifiable data. Data is what facts are based on, and therefore can user test assist in making decisions on stable grounds.

To make the right decisions, it is often essential to be able to ask the end user questions before initiating production. How does the user experience your interface? Does it make sense to them? Is there a logical flow?

Well, most will agree on this, however, due to short deadlines and limited resources testing on real users is something many companies fail to do – especially not in the early development phases.

Don’t test on your users when it is too late

Preely is a tool designed to solve these challenges and to give development teams easy access to feedback from real users. Its mission is to improve user experience and usability by including user testing and data much earlier and more often during development processes.

By utilizing remote unmoderated testing, Preely gives you an easy way to recruit and manage a group of participants, who will be ready to give feedback when needed.

The idea is that user testing and data-driven decisions should be an integrated part of the development work – and be utilized as early as in the idea- and design phases.

Doing so would enhance an iterative process where every change can be tested and tested again with real users. A process that easily can be continued until the desired results have been achieved.

Time is a key factor and with Preely time spend on user testing is reduced significantly. The aim for Preely is that you can prepare a prototype, test it, and get vital feedback from real users within an hour.

By having feedback visualized in a practical dashboard, Preely gives a quick overview of the most important findings and main points. This makes it ideal to use Preely as a tool for dialogue and to ensure a common direction for a development team.

We can only recommend that you use Preely to gain real feedback from your users, even when there is little time, and to make data-informed decisions to support your talent and gut-feelings.