How to set up a 5-second test

Create your prototype

First things first – you need a digital prototype before you can create your test.
Adobe XD
Sketch directly in Preely.

Step-by-step guide to setting up a 5-second test with Preely

With a five second test, you can identify:

  • How does your UI design communicate your message?
  • How easy is the offering or purpose of the product identified?
  • What is the overall impression of your design?

>> Try a 5 secound test – click here <<

Step 1. Create prototype

From the start screen, click “create test,” choose a native device to test on, and upload the screenshot or sync with a Figma, Adobe or your Sketch project.

Step 2. Create task

Click add task.
Introduction: One of your friends has sent you a link to a website.
Task: Open the website and take a look around.

Choose trigger type: timer, and set the timer for 5 seconds (can be adjusted for your needs).

Step 3. Ask question

Click add questions, fill out task-related questions and choose the type of feedback you would like.


  • What do you think this page was about?
  • What product do you think this company sells?
  • What’s your first impression about the site?
  • What grabbed your attention?

Five second test feedback types

Free text response
Ask the user to write a free text response to your question and get raw, unfiltered feedback for you to learn from.

Multiple Choice
Get specific and set up a multiple choice to learn if users noticed or didn’t notice exactly what you need them to.

Ask users to rate your design on a scale of 1-10.