To get you started validating and testing your solution, we have put together a few recommendations on how to execute a successful remote user test.

1. Structure of a remote user test

A test in Preely consist of a prototype and one or more tasks, each task is to be solved by the tester and she will give feedback on completion. Think small. Split your test up into smaller bits. Smaller tests ensures that the collected data is actually being used.

2. Let the user’s situation be the starting point

When writing the task the user should solve, try to avoid helping the users to find the right answer eg. don't tell the users how the should solve a task. Instead of guiding, frame the task as to what problem the user should solve. This will reveal user problems in your solution.

Here are some examples of how you should and should not write your tasks.

Don't: “Find the button ‘Book’ and order a ticket”
Do: “Try to order a ticket on our website”
Don't: “Put this product in your basket and then go to the basket to finish your order”
Do: “You want to buy this product. Try to do it”

3. Ask for appraisals, not solutions

When writing you questions do not ask for solutions. A testperson is rarely able to come up with the best solution on a given problem. Amongst other reasons, this is because they take themselves as a starting point, are in lack of professional knowledge and don’t know of the needs of the business they test for.
However, what they are good for is to tell them why a certain thing is a problem to them, it's your job to find the right solution for them!

4. Test both narrow and broad

There a two good basic forms of questions that can be asked when the user has completed the task you have given them. On form is broad and open, the other is narrow and concluding.

Broad test question
Use this form when you wish a more broad and more overall rating:
“Was there anything you found hard or difficult? (please elaborate)”

Using this style you get insights to what problem the users encounter while solving your task, and this will be problems you can work on to provide a better product. And don't forget, if none of you testers report anything, that means they most likely get it, and you have validated your solution!

Narrow test question
Use this form when there is something specific you wish to know:
“Rate how much you agree or disagree with XXX”
(e.g. if the front page was clear or if the texts in the help section was easy to understand).

Using this style can give you feedback on specific things. This style fits very well when you need to verify that problems that was found using broad test questions.

To get well started, we recommend that you look at the following:

1. How to build your first test
2. How to create a task
3. Understanding Analytics and Feedback
4. Recruit and manage your test panel

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