Preely release notes October 2020

Preely release notes October 2020

Platform version 5.3


Test flow overview

We have combined everything you need to create your test in a single screen. This way you get an overview of every step in your test while creating it, while also being able to dive into each step to edit them.

New approach to tasks and questions with option for multiple questions

We have separated tasks and questions into separate topics, which means that you can now add all the questions you want to a test.

New answer types

We have included options to insert Likert Scales, Semantic Differential Scale, and Smiley rating. More types to come in the near future.

Analytics layout updated

In Analytics we now display results and insights under each task or question, corresponding to the test flow you have created.

Settings has been moved and modified

Last, but not least, we have started a bit of cleaning up. Settings has moved to the left panel and now contains all the advanced settings for your test.

Watch Video…

Watch this short video for a quick introduction to setting up a test in 2 minutes.

Let us know if you have any questions, want to hear more or have ideas for things you are missing on the platform.