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Once you have built your own user panel, you can basically involve them for anything. Share links to surveys, invite for in-person interviews, send out emails to specific groups or ask your users to give feedback on what you are working on. Keep your users close and involve them as you need them!

Let us inspire you with some practical examples and customer success stories 🧡 .

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User involvement

Activate your panel for remote involvement. With Preely you have full access to a reliable user panel recruited by you.

In person online interviews

Send invitations to online interviews via Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and more.

Share links to surveys

Send invitations to surveys on platforms such as SurveyMonkey, Typeform or Google Forms.

Share Preely test

Send invitations to paticipate in a test via Preely feedback module.

How to recruit customers to the user panel?

Feedback module

With Feedback (part of Panel +) you get a self-service module for remote user testing within Preely.

✔️ Get valuable feedback from you users
✔️ Test anything from a napkin drawing to a high fidelity prototype
✔️ Test on smartphone, tablet and desktop

Get fast user feedback directly in Preely

Setup a remote user test in minutes and get fast learnings about your users’ experience with your digital product. Use the insights to validate ideas or test your assumptions that will improve your product.

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Watch how Peytz uses Preely feedback module

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YouSee drives value across the entire organization

Realizing the full potential

YouSee is reaping many benefits of working with a user panel. They constantly evolve the panel and share it internally to meet any need for user involvement.

How they recruited 1400+ users

They find panelists through many sources, including newsletter, social media and customer interviews. The size of their team (30+ people) pushes them to constantly develop and manage the panel to avoid participant fatigue.

Danske Spil gathers key feedback saving them millions

Danske Spil gathers key feedback saving them millions

Danske Spil´s UX team showed an entire organization the value of user involvement with Preely’s platform, and created a 46% increase in turnover, 76% decrease in churn rate and 800,000 monthly transactions in the Lotto app.

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Build your panel

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Duckwise is a Danish design agency

The UX team at Duckwise are Preely enthusiasts, and utilizes the tool to ensure that the solutions are intuitive and tailor-made to the users’ needs.

Quick-and-dirty tests

In Duckwise Preely is used on everything from quick-and-dirty tests on colleagues to heavy testing of complicated flows with remote audiences.

Feedback from our colleagues

We are also using Preely to gain fast and simple feedback from our colleagues at Duckwise. Since we are located at three different offices, it’s an easy way to conduct a high-speed test with peers.

How to recruit

Getting started is easy, and you will be surprised by how many options you have.

There are a ton of places available at your fingertips, and it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

Use your company website, newsletter and social media channels. Reach out to colleagues, friends and family. Write in groups on social media or in fora. Get the right people in, who want to make a difference by giving you feedback.

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Working with segmentation

One of our most appreciated functionalities is the ability to ask recruitment questions to build knowledge on each user used for segmentation. Ask your panelists any questions and use their answers to segmentation in your user panel when sharing mails or tests.

✔️ Ask recruitment questions to everyone
✔️ Ask more questions over time
✔️ Enrich with tags

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