If you are a student enrolled at a college or university, then you are eligible to get free access to the Preely Panel +. As a student, you’ll be able to use all the great features. This means that you can create as many user tests and get as many results as you like.

We believe that the best way for students to get comfortable with user testing is to learn by doing it. We’re happy to introduce the next generation of UX researchers into Preely’s platform and look forward to helping you to develop your research skills along the way.

Sign up with an email from your institutional account and we will provide you with free access.

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We strive to make user access and user feedback faster, better, cheaper and more reliable 🧡

Because we believe that user involvement is the key to making great products with amazing user experiences and high usability. We see too many products fail due not living up to end-users’ expectations and needs. That’s why we have created a platform that empowers you to access your own panel of users and involve them in anything to get valuable feedback.

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