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Test on smartphone, tablet or desktop

Smartphone and tablet

You can choose to have your participants run the test in their mobile browser or downloading the Preely app.

Using the mobile browser is the fastest and easiest way to run your test. However, if you want to create a ‘true’ app experience, you can run the test in the Preely app. Per default, your tests are set to run in the browser, but you can change it by going into the ‘Test Settings’ and select or deselect ‘Require app for testing’, see picture.

If you choose to use the Preely app, it is available for both iOS and Android in the corresponding app stores. From the app, your participants can scan a QR code and access your test directly. You can also send your participants a link and when opening it on their smartphone they are directed to the app.

When testing on desktop, your participants can run your test directly in the browser.