Improving the field of remote user testing

Preely is teaming up with Aalborg University (AAU), IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), Nykredit, Duckwise, Nuuday and Undo in an Infinit research project about remote user testing.

Tina Øvad, CXO
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More companies than ever struggle with how to conduct user tests during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the necessity of being able to work remotely became part of our reality. Add to this that UX designers and -researchers often are a scarce resource, who would benefit from being able to conduct user tests unmoderated in order to save time.

Academia and industry join forces

Enabling organizations to conduct remote, unmoderated user tests is, as you know, very close to your hearts here at Preely. We are therefore very excited to team up with AAU and ITU to investigate how we best can help and support this work. We are also very happy that four of our customers want to help us, namely Nykredit, Duckwise, Nuuday and Undo. Together we are exploring how companies currently conduct user tests, and how we best can support them in conducting them remotely and unmoderated. We have just kicked off the project and the first interviews are about to take place. The interviews will give us insights into how the involved companies currently conduct remote user tests, what information and data they need to make informed decisions. The findings will be used to give recommendations on how we best can support them in conducting remote, unmoderated user tests.

You are invited

The research study’s findings will be shared at a workshop on November 12th at Aalborg University, Copenhagen and online, and you are of course invited. Click the button below to sign up via Infinit’s website.

During the workshop the participating companies will give a glimpse into how they work with remote user testing and we will share our insights, analysis and recommendations from the study and discuss how to move on from there.

We are looking very much forward to be part of this research project, and are delighted to gain more insight into how we can help the industry to adapt and develop to different circumstances of user testing.

Stay tuned for more news about the project – and happy (remote) testing!

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