Who are the partners?

At Preely we work to help you test your usability and user experience efforts on a daily basis, and while we see ourselves as innovative in the UX business we are not afraid to admit that two experts know more than one. Therefore, we have found some of the best talents on our platform and to help you find experts in the field that can help you on your next project on the Preely platform.

The common denominator of the experts featured as Preely Partners is the high level of professionalism in their field of work, whether it's UX, prototyping, design, development processes, etc.
Feel free to contact our network directly and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Meet the Preely Partners

Lena Egede

Lena Egede - Preely team member

Frederik Bundgaard

Frederik Bundgaard - Preely team member

Kim Bjørn

Kim Bjørn - Preely team member

Ingrid Haug

Ingrid Haug - Preely team member

Sophie Alexandrine

Sophie Alexandrine - Preely team member

Anders Toxboe

Anders Toxboe - Preely team member

Tina Øvad

Tina Øvad - Preely team member

Nicolai B. Hansen

Nicolai B. Hansen - Preely team member

Jens Poder

Jens Poder - Preely team member

Anne-Kathrine K. Christensen

Anne-Kathrine K. Christensen - Preely team member

Martin Ibsen

Martin Ibsen - Preely team member

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TestLab is now Preely!
As we strengthen and expand our platform, we have changed our name to Preely. Testing remains at the heart of what we do, and we're happy to continue providing our service in 2018.
Happy testing!
Team Preely