Hired test participants

Hired test participants

We have identified two major hurdles when wanting to conduct user testing. The first is time and resources – moderated tests take time; and the second is the challenge of finding test participants.

The first hurdle we have already solved, Preely is a platform for unmoderated, remote user testing. It does not matter if you test with 5 participants, 500 participants, or 5000 participants – you set up a test once and let Preely do the rest, leaving time and resources to focus on other things.

Now we are solving the second hurdle – test participants.

Preely now supports hiring of test participants directly on the platform. This makes the process for user testing even faster and easier.

Things to consider

Before starting hiring participants there are a couple of things you should consider e.g. are you testing general usability or target specific user experiences? Who is your target group – general population or very specific individuals?

Hired participants are great for testing general usability and for testing products, where the users are the general population. Furthermore, hired participants are great for pilot tests to catch usability errors and to finetune your prototype and test design.

Preely uses Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) to source test participants. All test participants are English-speaking and mostly US-based. You can filter responses based on gender (all, male, female) and age (18-70) when you place an order. More demographic filters are coming soon.

Your own user panel

We still believe you should consider creating your own user panel – so you can test with the specific user segments of your product.

Want to know more about setting up your own user panel? Read more here.

No matter where you get your participants from, you always need to consider how many participants you need. Read about that here.