Create unmoderated remote user tests for every device

Take your Invision, Sketch or Preely prototype and create tasks or a string of tasks for your users to complete. Have them give you feedback as ratings, Net Promoter Scores, multiple choice or free responses. Optimize your test for every type of device, brand and even specific model. Run tests such as Tree Testing (Treejack), First-click and Five-second tests with ease.

Grow and manage your panel of testers for repeated testing

Recruiting and managing a large group of testers makes it easier and faster to conduct user testing as you go. We made it easy for you to recruit and grow a group of testers in your own test panel. This means you will always have somebody to test on, and that you can skip the entire recruitment process the next time you need to test.

Actionable analytics and data visualisation

The sole purpose of Preely is to empower our users to build better products through actionable analytics. That's why we tailor-made our analytics for you to be able to react fast and iteratively! That means no analysis and no data processing - just pure, simple, and actionable metrics and data visualization. All your analytics are visualized in a practical way, which allow you to quickly and easily identify where problems or opportunities arise.

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TestLab is now Preely!
As we strengthen and expand our platform, we have changed our name to Preely. Testing remains at the heart of what we do, and we're happy to continue providing our service in 2018.
Happy testing!
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