How to recruit participants remotely

Recruiting participants for remote testing is often one of two things; very expensive when you go through a recruitment agency, or very time-consuming when you do it on your own.

Claus Venlov, CEO, Preely
Remote user testing

When you do user testing with Preely, recruiting participants is none of those.

The philosophy behind Preely is simple:
Better test on users early in a project than do all your testing near the end. Why? It’s cheaper, it’s easier, and you will save yourself a whole lot of hassle by finding, fixing, and validating your ideas as early as possible.

Therefore we have to build a simple, yet efficient, way of recruiting a large test panel. And when people have opted in as participants for you, you can rely on them for completing tests again and again.

The main way of recruiting a test panel with Preely is through your own unique URL, which is generated on the platform. The link can be shared and used everywhere.

This is simple, but if you really want to have an expansive test panel you always can rely on, you need to recruit smart, and you need to put in a bit of work.

There are a ton of places where you can recruit remotely

On of the first things is to figure out where to recruit testers. For the smart recruiter, there are tons of places and groups to find and recruit people for your test panel.

You can, for example, start building your foundation with the easy wins – recruiting people around you. They can make up a solid base of testers.

Colleagues are probably the easiest to recruit as you share a common goal of making your business succeed. You easily ask them to join your test panel through emails, intranet, or directly at the coffee machine.

Friends & Family.
Friends and family is another great place to recruit, however, it probably works best for startups and small businesses. Great places to reach those are social media and face-2-face.
When you need to grow your test panel, and if you need to recruit more specific people, you can start looking into these places:

Social Media channels and groups.
Social media channels and groups are there to collect people with the same hobbies, interests, etc. They are also great places if you need to recruit specific people. You could also post the URL and ask for help directly on your company’s social accounts.

Online Forums.
Using online forums for online marketing is great, but they also work as places to recruit testers.

Your company website.
Implementing your recruitment URL directly on your website. The Danish homeowner-platform did this with great success.

Send emails to every type of stakeholders, that you find relevant, or share the link in your newsletter.

And remember, the more places you place your URL the better. These links will not disappear but will continue to collect more testers for you as long as they are active.

The right incentive(s) is crucial for recruiting participants

No matter where you decide to implement your recruitment link, it is important to consider the incentive. The incentive is the why or the reward, that you offer participants for completing your test or joining your test panel.

When mentioning rewards, many people will instantly think cash-back rewards, and yes, that’s a good option. However, cash is not necessarily the only way to it.

In order to overcome this typical idea, we need a bit of psychology that easily can be applied to recruitment. It’s called intrinsic- vs. extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation can be described as behavior triggered by internal reward. It’s when you do something because you find joy in it, see it as a learning opportunity, as a way to discover new things, or even as a way of self-fulfillment.

On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is every reward that comes from outside the individual. This is when you do something for money, praise, promotion, discount, etc.

Wrap up – the right combination of incentive and getting your link out there

Thanks for reading to the end. Remember testing with Preely is all about getting actionable feedback early in the development process. Therefore it is crucial to start recruiting as soon as possible.

The key to recruiting with Preely and growing your test panel is to get your link out there to work for you. The more places you share the link, there more testers will you end up with. The next is to figure out which incentives you wanna offer.

The right combination might end you up with a ton of testers in your test panel, who you can continuously ask to complete your tests.

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