How Duckwise has transformed the way, they work with user testing, by adopting Preely.

We have talked with UX designer Kristian Schnedler Jørgensen and Anne Lundov from Duckwise to discuss their background, their approach to UX, and how Preely has transformed the way, they work with user testing.

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How content agency AllerCP improves their product performance with 20-30%

Jonas Eilsø is a UX Designer and Digital advisor at the content marketing agency AllerCP. An agency, which services many of Denmark’s most well-known brands, through storytelling and digital solutions. For him, Preely is a powerful tool, which allows him to work iteratively faster, and deliver superior solutions to his clients.

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The digital agency that collects ammunition for their UX decisions with Preely with Preely

Read the interview with UX consultants Julie Schramm Rasmussen and Carl-Johan Kristiansson from the full service digital agency Peytz & Co. In their work, they use Preely to conduct weekly usability tests of their early design ideas. The tests helps them to fast and easily get user inputs to optimize their designs according to user needs, and to communicate the validity of their work to their clients.

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How eliminates assumptions and improves usability with Preely

Meet UX Designer Nadia Utzon from Danish homeowner portal,, who uses Preely to test her assumptions and design awesome user experiences. Nadia uses Preely both early and late in the process of developing or improving features on Bolighed.

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