A great recruitment experience is the first step toward a rewarding test experience.

Would you like to learn how to create customized recruitment experiences and custom test panel segments? Then read on, because we have developed two new cool features to help you to enhance your Test panel universe.

If you have not started recruiting yet, then don’t worry. Further down this post we will introduce a way to kickstart your recruitment flow. First, we would like to introduce two new features.

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Your test panel dashboard in Preely

Create a consistent brand experience
You can now create customized recruitment pages in Preely to ensure that testers recognize your brand throughout the recruitment process. By enhancing the recruitment experience you are likely to improve the chances that your Test panel invitees will become testers. You can customize everything you need to make a branded recruitment page.

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Set up language, images, text and link

Want to give it a try? Log in to your Preely account and go to the Test panel section. If you need a little help to build your recruitment page, we have created this short guide to sort you out.

Pro tip: You can create customized recruitment pages for multiple segments of testers if you wish to. This way, you will be able to create customized landing page experiences for several target audiences.

Segment your testers with fully customized questions
How does it sound to be able to create customized test panel segments based on extra segmentation questions? It may sound a bit complicated but it may prove to become very valuable to you, so please hang on.

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Create extra questions in Preely

We have added a way for you to include extra questions to your Test panel in the recruitment process. When signing up to your Test panel new testers will answer the extra questions you have added. Later on you will be able to segment between the answers and send out test invites to groups of testers that have chosen specific answers. It is entirely up to you to decide which questions and answers that would be meaningful in order to separate your testers into useful customized segments. Of course, the feature is optional.

Psst. A little hint for the eager ones. We are building even more useful features around the customized questions, so we recommend you to get familiar with them now, so you can take advantage of the coming benefits later on.

Kickstart your Test panel recruitment

If you haven’t started recruiting testers for your Test panel yet then let us help you to take your first steps towards a new, valuable source of input. Having a Test panel is a cheap and fast way to learn by including other people. Once you have recruited testers for your Test panel you can send out as many test links as you like.

Step 1: Tell people about your project. Start internally and build from there.
Start by asking a handful people in your department if they would like to test a digital project you’re working on. They want you to succeed, so they’ll be willing to listen and likely to help you. You can tell them that you are starting up a Test panel to improve your company’ digital projects. You know the reason better than anyone. Let them know why, and we promise they will be curious and willing to help.

Step 2: Expand your tester scope to external recruitment
When you have become more comfortable with the recruitment process you may feel ready to recruit testers from external sources. You can reach out to people through your newsletter or website. When you feel confident enough, you can start activating your followers on social media. It is crucial that you offer the right incentives when recruiting testers, so we highly recommend to give this some thought. Some people are motivated by intrinsic incentives, whereas others appreciate extrinsic motivation. We have made a guide that may help you to recruit testers remotely. It may also help you to decide what types of incentives you can offer.

You now have your very own Test panel. It wasn’t so bad at all, was it? If you want to expand the tester base to include more segments of testers, then be sure to check our guide to managing your Test panel.

Wait a minute! What about GDPR?

Don’t worry. You are the only one with access to your data. You have full freedom and full control of the data you collect using Preely.

Are you ready to try these new awesome features? We can’t wait for you to get familiar with them either! Please note that you will need a Pro or Team subscription to be able to access every function mentioned in this blog post. Let us know if you have any questions at all and we will be happy to help you out.

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