Meet the Heroes of UX: Jeppe Henckel, Senior UX Designer & Team Lead

Bjarke Bierring Kristoffersen - Marketing Manager. Preely

“If you are a sit-at-the-desk-designer churning out mockups based on design patterns, best practices, and gut feeling... Then you’re in trouble.”

Welcome to this months The Heroes of UX portrait with Senior UX Designer & Team Lead, Jeppe Henckel.

With 10 years in UX- and strategic design, Jepp...

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“UX needs to be on decision-making level in the organization”
-Jonas Eilsø, UX Design & Digital Consultant, AllerCP

Jonas Eilsø (LinkedIn) dropped a promising career as a UI designer to follow his passion for user experience design. Today he is working as a UX Designer & Digital Advisor for som...

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As we strengthen and expand our platform, we have changed our name to Preely. Testing remains at the heart of what we do, and we're happy to continue providing our service in 2018.
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