The Effect of Tools in Design Thinking

Nicolai Brodersen Hansen - Expert knowledge of design thinking and design processes

Design thinking rocks - and one way of improving your capacity for design thinking is to improve your skill at using different design tools. Here is a set of statements that flows from my work as a PhD researcher, as well as my experience as a project lead and UX specialist:

1) Design thinking is...

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Case: 80% højere konverteringsrate i bestillingsflow

Thomas Rosser - Relationship Manager, Preely

Mange digitale produkter slås med at optimere betalingsflows og bestillingsflows. Ved at gå struktureret tilværks kan der opnås store tidsbesparelser og ultimativt forbedre resultatet på bundlinjen. Denne beskriver hvordan Preely blev brugt af en offentlig virksomhed der optimerede deres bestillings...

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