With Preely you collect, analyze, and present data collected from user tests on the platform. We aim to give you a more holistic, but also a more in-depth understanding of the way users interact with your prototypes.

Preely analytics:

  1. Explore and analyze test journey of single users
  2. Introducing: Hotspot interaction data
  3. Form inputs
  4. See on which screen users give up or complete your task

1. Explore and analyze the entire testing journey of a single user

Want to learn more about single users behavior across multiple interactions, screens, feedback, and tasks? To give you a more holistic view of single users behavior, you can now access his or her entire journey through your prototypes. It’s a powerful feature that allows you to detect anomalies within your test group, or to dig extremely deep into the data if a specific user gives feedback that needs further investigation.

Individual tester journey

2. Introducing: Hotspot interaction data

Dig even deeper into your on-screen analytics with hotspot interaction data, and learn how users interact with the specific hotspot. By analyzing interaction data for each of your hotspots, you break down flows into particular actions and investigate if there are specific parts of your navigation troubling your users.

Hotspot interaction data

3. Form inputs

We’ve always had input fields with validation to decide of users can continue with or without filling them out. Now you can also see the lenght and type of data the users type in your input fields, and learn if they understand exactly what you intend them to do in your forms. You still can't see what specifically is typed due to privacy concerns.

Form inputs

4. See on which screen users give up or complete your task

Sometimes users will have to give up on completing your task. We, therefore, made it possible for you to identify the exact screen where users chose to give up. On the other hand, when a user completes your task, and your prototypes contains several task triggers, you can also see which of these hotspots trigged task completion and feedback. All the data is collected and summed up on the preview of each of your screens.

users giving up

Happy Testing

// Team Preely

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As we strengthen and expand our platform, we have changed our name to Preely. Testing remains at the heart of what we do, and we're happy to continue providing our service in 2018.
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