UX Meetup April 5

Thomas Rosser - Relationship Manager. Preely

"Client, do you actually want UX? - UX and business development" by Maria Køhnke

Working with UX designers can sometimes be unpleasant for a client or in-house organization because it can lead to decision-making on a much more strategic level than first expected.

Some UXers might recognize this: They set out to design “the solution”, they ask a lot of questions and through the eye of the user, they see new strategic opportunities or give whole new perspectives to the initial brief. The PM gets nervous because his incentive is to get “something" out in a hurry.

These days there is a high interest in how to shortcut design processes and innovate with quick fixes. Time-to-market is scarily often the only success criteria that matters.

But If you buy into the premise of a UX’er being part of the business development team, you may have a much stronger platform for innovation. Maria is bringing case examples that demonstrate a take-design-thinking-seriously-approach, where redefining the initial problem is in focus. She asks UXers to be brave. Everyday.

Count me in

After Maria's talk we will do a quick walk-through of our platform Preely and do a live-test of an app. Stick around if you want to hear about how Preely can help you and your team with faster and more simple user testing.

What: Preely UX Meetup
When: Thursday April 5 at 9-10am
Where: Rainmaking Loft, Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 41, third floor, 1434 Copenhagen K
Price: Free
What else is free: Coffee and water

NB! Your signup is binding and therefore you have to cancel on info@preely.com if you're not able to make it.

Maria Køhnke is a combination of strategic design thinker, user advocate, and UX design craftsman. From 2014-17 she was director of UX & creative strategy in In2media/Charlie Tango where she established a strong focus on more strategic and value-adding approaches, methods and solutions through user centered design.
She has run large projects for Danske Bank, MobilePay, DT Group, ATP, Digitaliseringsstyrelsen, Erhvervsstyrelsen, Irma, Coop, UBS, Danica Pension among others. She now has her own business – Red door ux – where she advices in the field of design thinking, UX and service design.

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