4 fast ways to create interactive prototypes with Preely

Bjarke Bierring Kristoffersen, Marketing Manager

Prototyping is an essential part of user testing. At Preely we offer different ways of creating prototypes, that you can on real users to get actionable feedback and improve your designs. To cater to multiple types of designers, prototyping- and user testing needs, we have created 4 different and efficient ways for you to create highly interactive prototypes. In the following, we will go through each of our methods.

  1. Prototypes from screenshots
  2. Prototypes from URL’s
  3. Sketch integration
  4. Importing InVision prototypes

1. Prototypes from screenshots

The original and primary way of building prototypes with Preely. Upload your mockups, sketches, wireframes, or finished designs as screenshots to create highly interactive prototypes. We support almost every type of action based gestures to give users a very close to real product interaction with your prototype.

Prototypes from screenshots work by linking together screens with input fields and hotspots that can be clicked-, swiped-, hovered-, or zoomed on.


  • Customizable for every device
  • Fixed areas
  • Customizable screen transitions
  • Input validation
  • Screen rotations

2. Prototypes from URLs

Popular among conversion optimization specialist and marketers in general, the one-click URL upload allows you to import website screen directly into Preely. It’s a great tool that empowers you to run different experiments on your website in a very fast manner. Also, you can quickly add modified screens to test-out new navigation paths or flows to fully optimize your site.

Often used for running:

  • First-click tests
  • 5-second tests

3. Sketch integration

Our Sketchapp integration makes it both faster and easier to drive from the many advantages of Sketch and Preely in a single surround. The combination helps you import your digital designs from Sketch directly into Preely.

4. Importing InVision prototypes

Need to run a user test on your InVision prototype before your next iteration? With Preely you can import your InVision prototype directly into Preely using your prototype URL. After import, you simply set up a task or strings of tasks for your users to complete.

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