Googles famous 5-day design sprint is popular when it comes to speeding up the innovation process of developing new digital solutions. A crucial factor in a Design Sprint is time. With Preely you can optimize your performance by saving time and resources during the test phase. Here is how.

A bit of background on Design Sprints og Design Thinking

Through the last couple of years, lots of methods to speed up the innovation-process in regards to new projects has emerged.

Under the banner of Design Thinking or Design Sprints, these innovative processes have revolutionized the way and the quantity of resources that normally goes into a development process.

As a countermove to long and bureaucratic processes, the methods are all about idea generation, development, and testing in significantly less time.

The most famous of these methods are probably Googles Ventures 5 Day Design Sprint, which has gained a large following within designers and developers in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings.

The 5 Day Sprint is a quick and dirty method that goes through 5 phases of development in just five days:

5 day design sprint

Companies, who have been ready to adapt have shown remarkable results in no time by utilizing this method. However, it is not just about getting started with 5 Day Sprints. Some legwork must be put in. Especially as a preparation for the last day, when the prototype must be tested.

Learn more about Design sprints and how to get started: Get started with design sprints

The challenge of recruiting testers is a continuous one in many sprints and in user testing in general. This is where Preely has shown to come in handy in more than a few design sprints.

Always Ready to Test

On the Preely platform, participants have instant access to a large group of testers, who could have been recruited as a preparation for the Design Sprint or would already have been recruited as part of earlier testing efforts.

In the case of Design Sprints, the teams would then already have access to a test panel, which can be divided into relevant segments for the specific purpose of testing the prototype developed.

As time is a crucial factor in Design Sprints, the testpanel of Preely can help speed things significantly up. The idea is basically that a designer within an hour can have prepared a prototype on the basis of JPGs, have conducted a test on that prototype, and analysed the data from the test.

The results will then be presented in a practical dashboard, which also limits the time it takes to analyze and conclude on data.

In its essence Preely enhances the process in the Design Sprint in two ways:

  • Preely gives instant access to a group of testers
  • Preely eliminate collection- and analysis of data by providing results in an instant.

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