Using Personas for User Stories. UX Meetup Debrief with Lene Nielsen

Bjarke Bierring Kristoffersen - Marketing Manager, Preely

“What if there is a somewhat simple solution that is not much reported on, only slightly mentioned in the literature, but has a big effect”.

120 attendees showed up to listen to Ph.D. Lene Nielsen talk about how to integrate user research into agile development cycles - an approach she calls “Using personas for user stories.”. The talk was based on Lenes cutting-edge research in personas as well as highly relevant real-life cases from across the globe.

View the presentation: Slides
Speaker: Ph.D. Lene Nilesen/ IT University of Copenhagen
Date held: 26. Sept 2018 at Trifork Offices

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About Lene Nielsen:
Lene is an associate professor at The IT Univsersity of Copenhagen and has 20+ years of experience with persona research and application, 50+ persona projects, written 80+ research papers and published two books on personas.

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