Innovationshuset of Copenhagen Municipality (Red. The Innovation House) and Preely recently facilitated a workshop together. The goal was to investigate how group IT better can service the local administrations of the municipality, by using the Preely platform.

The idea was to develop early ideas and then test them before implementation. This could potentially help to create more user-driven and efficient solutions for the local administrations of the municipality.

On the workshop, the local users developed new ideas on how to improve different IT related services from the municipality. After building prototypes, the ideas was tested by using the Preely platform, which resulted in valuable insights for the municipality.

It was found, that orders internally in the municipality in some cases could be optimized to work more than double as fast as before - if the ideas from the users where implemented.

New valuable insights for all parties

Copenhagen Municipality got valuable insights, into how their processes of working with user involvement could be optimized. The results were collected in a report, that later will be used by group IT, in order to create a new service catalog, that will allow IT to create even better services in the future.

For Preely, the workshop was a great opportunity to understand the value of the tool in politically controlled organizations. Bureaucratic organizations often have many challenges to involve users and test solutions before the final direction is known. However, with Preely it might be easier include users in various projects and contribute to a more agile way of thinking and in terms better solutions in the end.

You can read the full article from Innovationshuset here. (In Danish)

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