After creating your prototype and defined the tasks, you can start asking user to complete your test. With Preely you get share your test with your own test panel.

Unique test link

By sharing your test through your own test panel, you have the opportunity to check who has participated. We create a unique test link. That's the secret!
This an extremely powerful tool, as it allows you to rely on the same users for several tests.

Two steps and you are ready to go

Select the testers in your panel. Then write a short text that motivates testers to participate.

Step 1. Segmentation

Use segmentation in your test panel when sharing tests.
Segmentations: tags, labels, gender, age, device, country, zip code, test completed, bias control, member date, last performed, last contact.

Step 2. Share test

Testers vill be invited to test by email. Write a short text for your testers.

Testers email with unique test link

See how to recruit testers
See how to Manage your Test Panel

Next up: How to recruit testers remotely

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