After creating your prototype and defined the tasks, you can start asking user to complete your test.
Options for sharing your test.

URL sharing and recruitment

It all starts with a unique URL that you can share or implement everywhere to recruit testers. A great place to start is in your website, in a pop-up, or even a sponsored ad on Facebook, where you ask users to contribute either for a fee or for free (it’s often surprisingly easy to get existing customer to participate if you ask them nicely). When clicking the link, testers will be redirected to a landing page with a personalized welcome message from you.

All testers recruited through this URL will automatically be added to your test panel, which means you can ask them to test again and again.

This sections allows you to control if we should try to recruit the tester after the test.

See how to customize the look and feel of your test as experienced by the testers participating
When enter the url the test opens directly on the testers device

Email Sharing

Share your test directly with your dedicated email list. An easy way to share your test if you already have pre-built a panel of testers.

Recruit through agencies

Expensive, but a very convenient and effective way of recruiting the right users.

Build your own test panel.

With Preely you get your own test panel, where you can recruit and manage a group of testers.
This an extremely powerful tool, as it allows you to rely on the same users for several tests. You can choose to share your test directly with your test panel.

Learn more about recruitment

How to recruit testers remotely - like a pro
Learn recruiting and managing your test panel.

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