To make your testing as efficient as possible, we recommend that you start recruiting testers with Preely as soon as possible. This will make your testing more efficient and faster, as you can rely on people who already opted in for testing continuously.

There are two different ways to invite users to your panel.

1. Direct invitation to test panel
The user registers in the user panel without participating in a test.
2. Test panel invitation after test.
Users sign up for the user panel 
after participating in a test.

Direct invitation to test panel

To find your recruitment URL, log in to your account and click the “TEST PANEL” button on the left side panel.

The link is the gateway for users to enter your test panel. You can share the link everywhere you find suitable for recruiting testers. Typical places people recruit with Preely includes: company websites, social media (business/personal), newsletters, intranet, etc.

Next up: Build recruitment page

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