In order to make your prototype interactive, you can work with input fields. Drag, drop and resize these fields to match your design.

In the user input fields, you can choose the type of input, you wish the user to type in the field, e.g. password, email, amount etc. Use the different input fields to create an interactive prototype.

Why input fields?

User input fields to simulate the right user experience.

Show data in analytics

In analytics we do not collect data from the input fields. We only show the number of characters and digits as well as the use of @.

Green field indicates that the tester has entered data.
Red field indicates no input.
If validation of the input fields is enabled, we show the number of times a tester has clicked away from the page without specifying data in a specific input field. In this example, the number 1 is indicated.

Data protection

To ensure the protection of the testers data we do not collect this type of data.

Next up: Understanding Analytics & Feedback

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